Drew Garside (dregster) wrote,
Drew Garside

pet-sitting, parents-sitting

I went pet sitting with Alison last night after I introduced her to everyone at work who thought she was a figment of my imagination.

At the pet sitting house we fed Valium to the deaf, yowling cat, than took Emma the massive black lab for a walk. We encountered a pit-bull (not muzzled) tied to a fence who went ape shit and I thought all three of us would get killed.

Alison and I shared a small bed and Emma the massive dog slept in between us and scratched the shit out of my chest.

Today I'm off to visit my parents in Burlington after I feed my cat, then its come back Monday to see if I can get a dentist appointment to fix the half of my mollar that chipped off during Wednesday morning's meeting. If you have ever had half a tooth you know how much it sucks. With my luck they will have to pull out all my molars and then I'll ask for wooden teeth because there is no way I can afford gold ones.

oh yeah and my cat ate through the blinds in my bedroom to look out the window.
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