Drew Garside (dregster) wrote,
Drew Garside

Greeting From London...

I just sent this email to Dave....

- - -

Hi Dave,

Well this is it.
Alison is in the bathroom putting on make up before we go to see matthew good at call the office. Alison and I told each other we loved each other 4 years ago in front of the Mrs Pac-Man machine. I wonder if it's still there.

ring? check
hotel room? check
concert tickets? FUCK!
oh well, i'll buy some off the street.

Here I am sitting in a hotel room on a lap top and wondering what this is all going to lead too (although I have a pretty good idea). In a little under two hours I will be engaged. I am drinking a huge glass of red wine to break the ice (Alison smuggled it on the via train this afternoon as a birthday surprise for me).

Tomorrow's check out time is at noon I was curious perhaps if you and Jen wanted to go out for lunch/brunch/munch? our train leaves at 3 45 so we've got plenty of time to kill.

Shoot me back an email when you get this, I will check my emails around midnight tonight.

P.S. It's my birthday tomorrow, I just think it would be nice
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